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Miro Žbirka started his pop music career as a member of popular Slovak group Modus in 1970s. The first solo album "Doktor sen" ("Doctor Dream") was released in 1980. Miro formed a group called Limit and recorded his breakthrough LP "Sezónne lásky" in 1982. He became the first Slovak "Golden Nightingale" and won the international festival in Villach, Austria with "Love Song". At that time Miro recorded his English albums, "Miro" and "Giant Step" for German RCA.

Miro is still very popular after thirty years of career. Well-known in Slovakia and The Czech Republic as a remarkable singer and strong melodies writer, he recorded a dozen of studio albums, released four compilations, one live record and two DVDs.

Like A Hero (The Best Of Miro) is a brand new collection of Miro's songs in English. All tracks were remastered.

Like A Hero (The Best Of Miro)Tracklisting: Like a Hero, You Know I Love You (Love Song), Sunshine Lady, Singing to My Little Lady, Dear Boy, Ginny, Country Girl, Giant Step, The Cold Wind Blows, Hey Don't Run Away, Honey, I Don't Wanna Make You Feel Down, Come Back to Me, Light up My Life, Like a Hero (instr.)

CD Like A Hero is available on CDuniverse and

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