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Songs For Boys & Girls

Songs For Boys & Girls

Oh Me Oh My / January, February, March / The More We Get Together / Boys And Girls Come Out To Play / Ten Green Bottles / Rock-A-Bye Baby / Jingle Bells / Row, Row, Row Your Boat / Polly Put The Kettle On / Hush, Little Baby / Hey Diddle Diddle / One Man Went To Mow / Oranges And Lemons / If You're Happy And You Know It / Lavenders Blue / This Old Man / Kumbaya / A Sailor Went To Sea / Old McDonald Had A Farm / Humpty Dumpty / The Wheels On The Bus / One, Two, Three, Four, Five / Mary Had A Little Lamb / London Bridge is Falling Down / It's Raining / Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush / Ding, Dong, Bell / Christmas Time Is Here Again / I Wonder / There Was A Bee


Songs For
Boys & Girls

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